Author: brian

Borgia ADR

Good day today doing background ADR for Borgia TV show. Good to work with friends and have fun!

Lost Legion!

I watched bits of the edit of lost legion today. Looking pretty good! The producers are going to Berlin European film market in a week. Let’s sell that shit!

Montenegro ADR

Off to do adr for the film Montenegro. Crew screening will be on Friday! Can’t wait!

So True

It is the most shattering experience of a young man’s life, when one morning he awakes and quite reasonably says to himself: I will never play the Dane.

Star quality

I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews with amazing actors and directors. They have been talking about actors having star quality. How it’s evident when the actor walks into the room. Most of...

Montenegro Prep

Preparing for this weekend’s Montenegro film shoot. Lots of hot tea.

Lost Legion at AFM

My secret agent snapped this picture of the wall display at the Lost Legion suite at AFM. It’s the same graphic as the magazine, but still impressive!