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Just shot a day on the Danish tv mini series epic “1864”. It is about the war the danes had with the Prussians in, surprise: 1864. They are rushing to get the series finished...

The poisoner’s handbook

I’ve been cast in two films that both shoot in April. The Poisoner’s Handbook is a docu-drama about the early days of the medical examiners office in New York. I play a hard nosed...

Canal+ Commercial Now Out!

The Canal+ Bear commercial I shot with Matthijs van Heijningen (The Thing, 2011) is now up on youtube. It’s pretty funny! It was a lot of fun to shoot.

“Hidden Olympics” Wrapping Up

Shooting is just about finished on Hidden Olympics. I wrapped on Wednesday. It was a great run and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Maybe at the opening in Rome?